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Snowgum Pedigree Siberian Cats & Kittens, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Welcome to Snowgum Siberians!

My name is Melanie Fletcher and together with the help of my family I have been breeding our gorgeous Siberian kittens since 2008. My husband and I started breeding and showing our cats in the UK before we were married. We moved back to Australia in 2012 with our toddler son and all of our cats while I was pregnant with our daughter. We are now all settled into family life in Sydney's Upper North Shore where our kids and cats enjoy the fabulous bush views and the mild climate. You can read an article about us in The Daily Telegraph .

Here at Snowgum we specialise exclusively in pedigree Siberian kittens in a variety of colours. Our home-based breeding program is our family hobby. Our children are involved in the care of our adult cats and enjoy interacting with our kittens from the day they are born.

Our lovely cats have excellent pedigrees from some of the finest Russian lines, and most have actually travelled all the way from the breed's homeland Russia. This ensures we are producing excellent quality genuine Siberian kittens. We now even have a Snowgum Siberian kitten in a Moscow based breeding program!

Our cats regularly attend cat shows where they often take home the top prizes. Our beautiful and very successful show Siberians include two Supreme Grand Champions, our first born kitten "Snowgum Titan" and our first Russian import Tavolga Sibaris. In 2011 we visited Moscow for a show and won the top prize- Overall Best of Best!

At Snowgum we focus on producing healthy kittens with loving temperaments, diverse pedigrees and stunning show quality looks. Our kittens are well socialised and are fed a healthy balanced diet including raw meat and bones. As we are a small hobby breeder our adorable Siberian kittens are only available occasionally and only to permanent loving homes.

Snowgum is a registered Siberian cattery with The International Cat Association (TICA) and the NSW Cat Fanciers Association. We have showed our cats at TICA, Fédération Internationale Féline d´Europe (FIFe), the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and NSW CFA shows.

For more information about our breeding program and the Siberian Cat's hypoallergenic trait please have read through our website. Don't miss the tabs on the left-hand side! We also have a blog but we haven't been great at keeping it up to date lately, it does however have some nice pictures if you want to scroll back through old posts.

P.S. All photos on this site are of our breeding cats and kittens we have bred. You can view larger pictures of our beautiful Siberian cats and kittens by clicking on the small pictures.

Siberian Kitten Sydney NSW Australia Siberian Kitten Sydney NSW Australia Siberian Kitten Sydney NSW Australia Siberian Kitten Sydney NSW Australia Siberian Kitten Sydney NSW Australia