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Snowgum Maisie.

Snowgum Siberian Kittens in their new homes

It's always lovely to see pictures and hear stories of our kittens once they have gone to their new homes. Here are some pictures of the kittens from our first two litters in various stages of growing up. We hope you like seeing them as much as we do :-)

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Maisie is a gorgeous brown mackerel tabby Siberian from Georgia's litter in 2008. She is a fantastic example of the breed and holds the prestigious title of TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter! Wow! Well done Maisie!! You can see her amazing show results on our Show News page.

Maisie lives in London with Darren and Erica who love her to bits and spoil her rotten! Thanks Darren and Erica for giving Maisie such a loving home :-)


Otto is Snowgum Duke from Georgia's litter in 2008. As you can see he has turned out to be a very large and handsome guy! Otto lives in London with Mark and enjoys hanging out in his back garden and keeping an eye on his surrounding neighbourhood!

In an email to us Mark said " Duke, or as he is now known, Otto, is doing very well! As you can see he is looking beautiful and is quite a character! He has had all his vaccinations, has been chipped and was neutered two months ago. He is a big chap already, and I can't believe he is only seven months old! He is very affectionate, and also very vocal! He likes to have his opinions heard. He loves climbing, and as you can see his favourite place to sleep is on top of the wardrobe. He completely ignores his comfy cat bed!"

Millie and Mathilda

Millie and Mathilda are sisters from Georgia's litter in 2008. Millie is a beautiful brown mackerel tabby and Mathilda is a stunning silver mackerel tabby. Millie went to live in London with Kosha and Bennet and they loved her so much that they came back the following week to adopt Mathilda too! It's so lovely to see the two girls living together and getting on so well.

In an email to us Benet said " As far as we are concerned there have never been two more loving and affectionate cats. Not only are they willing to be petted on your lap they positively come and demand that you do so. They also seem to get on very well with each other and usually sleep together at night... Many thanks for your Christmas card and for having bred such lovely cats. They are the envy of all our friends."

Many thanks to Kosha and Benet for giving these girls such a wonderful home.

Millie and Milo

Millie and Milo are Lakarri and Nanuuk from Frostie's litter in 2008. Millie is a stunning silver mackerel tabby and white Siberian and Milo is silver shaded and white with gold tarnish. Millie and Milo live in Hertfordshire with Emma and Dom and as you can see they are very much loved and spoilt kitties!

In Dec 08 Emma said, "We are still thoroughly enjoying them and their crazy antics and can't imagine life without them... Milo is now 6kgs and Millie just over 5kgs so they are growing this rate Milo will end up being the size of a small donkey!! hehe!! I often think he still believes he is a tiny kitten because he still tries to hide in the smallest places & boxes when he's playing with Millie and then he wonders why she finds him so easily!!! He obviously hasn't cottoned onto the fact that he's much bigger than he used to be!"


Zak is Zakhar Mishka from Frostie's litter in 2008. He is a very handsome silver shaded and white Siberian boy with some gold tarnishing. Zak lives in Uxbridge with Richard and Marika and his Siberian friend Benny.

In an update email to us Richard said "They're both curled up together next to me, and love chasing each other round the house at top speed. Zak's found his voice in the past 3 months and is a lot more talkative, Benny's bad influence! He still purrs like a diesel engine too!"

Sterling and Denali

Sterling and Denali are brothers from Frostie's litter in 2008. They were both silver mackerel tabby and white when they left us at 13 weeks but they have now lost their stripes and turned out to be gorgeous shaded silvers like their parents! These boys live in Buckinghamshire with Melanie.

In an email to us Melanie said "They are even bigger now and continue to be naughty monkeys! They are very affectionate though and love to sit with us and watch TV. They are both fascinated by the TV and any cardboard box they can get their paws on!"

Snowgum Duke aka Otto.

Snowgum Millie & Mathilda.

Snowgum Lakarri & Nanuuk.

Snowgum Zakhar Mishka.

Snowgum Sterling and Denali.