Siberian Kitten Adoption Process

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Adoption Process

On this page you will find details about how to adopt a Snowgum Siberian Kitten.

Notification List

We no longer keep a strict waitlist for our kittens but do have a notification list. If you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, please use the following link to sign up to our notification list. Once on the list, you will be emailed when we have kittens available for adoption.

Reserving a Kitten

We email everyone on the notification list when the kittens are around 8 or 9 weeks of age. At that time they have all had their vet checks, their first vaccinations and I will have a date set for their desex operations. I will also have taken some lovely photos of them so you know exactly what they look like and that you are reserving a healthy vet checked kitten before sending any payment.

When we email the notification list with kitten news, we include photos of the available kittens and details of the litter and their parents. If you fall in love with one of the kittens then you can reply to our email and let us know which kitty you would like to adopt. We will then speak to you further and answer any questions you have before we reserve the kitten for you.

There is often more than one family wishing to adopt each kitten; we choose the best match for the kitten based on the answers to our questions filled out when joining our notification list.

If you are located interstate/overseas we ask for full payment for the kitten at this stage so that we can start booking flights etc. If you are local we ask for a deposit to secure your reservation, with the balance payable a few days prior to collection for bank transfers or upon collection of the kitten if paying cash.

After you reserve your kitten, we will provide you with our Snowgum Siberians kitten care guide, diet sheet and instructions on how to best settle your kitten into your home. If you live interstate or abroard, we will send you a video discussing and demonstrating the topics that I cover when kittens are collected in person.

We may be hoping to keep a kitten for our breeding program/showing. These kittens won't be available for reservation initially but will most likely become available to the waitlist at a later date. We sometimes like to give one or two a bit of time to grow and mature before we decide whether they will stay with us. With all litters we reserve the right to first choice so that we can further our breeding program.

Kitten Contract

Before accepting any payment, you will be asked to sign a kitten care contract. This contract includes clauses about the following:

  • Your commitment to provide a loving home for the kitten
  • Your commitment to provide good veterinary care for your kitten
  • Your commitment to contact us if you can no longer care for the kitten

Visiting our "facilities"

We do not allow visits for people to just come and see our cats, inspect our home or test their allergies. Visits are limited to people collecting their kittens. If you wish to see a Siberian in the flesh before deciding whether to adopt, please come and visit us at a show. We would love to see you there and can answer any questions you have.

When you ask to visit or "inspect" our "facilities" you are actually asking to inspect our family home where we live with our young children. Visits can be very intrusive on our busy young family life, especially with the large number of requests that we receive. Even more importantly, the safety of our family and our cats and kittens is our priority and in an age where anti-breeder sentiment is high, we do not want to take any chances by letting anyone and everyone into our home. In the light of Covid-19 this is now increasingly important.

Visitors can also be stresful for the cats; Mother cats who are protecting their infants can become stressed by stangers near their nests. Young kittens are extremely succesptible to illnesses which can be carried unknowingly on visitors clothes, hands or shoes. By limiting visitors to those collecting their kittens, our kittens have time for their immune systems to mature and their vaccinations to become effective. Because of our visitation policy and our strict hygine practises, we are able to offer comprehensive health guarantees for our kittens as set out in our Kitten Care Contract.

Genuine Breeders?

How then can you determine if we are genuine breeders and our cats and kittens are well cared for? Before you send any money or sign the kitten care contract we will provide you with contact details for our vet and transport agent. Our experienced vet visits our home regularly and knows and cares for all of our cats. If you wish to check that our cats are well cared for and our kittens are expertly raised in a clean, happy environment he is happy to speak with you. Our transport agent also frequently visits our home to collect our kittens who fly interstate and abroad. He is happy to speak with you prior to purchase too.

We have also had a formal veterinary inspection of our home and practises under the TICA Responsible Breeder Program and were awarded the title of "Outstanding Cattery". You can see our details here on the TICA website and our certificate here.

If you wish to meet us face to face prior to adopting, we are more than happy to meet you at a show and you can see the cats we are showing that day and ask any questions you have.

If you live interstate, you can also meet with Snowgum kitten families who show their cats. We have show families in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. They would all be happy to show off their Snowgum kitty and tell you about their experience with us.

You can also see videos of our cats and kittens in our home on our Snowgum Siberians YouTube Channel (The videos prior to 2012 were flimed in our London home).


Pet kittens:

The adoption fee for a pet Siberian kitten is AUD $4000 plus GST and Neva Masquerades are $4500 plus GST. The price includes spay/neuter, microchip, vet check, age appropriate vaccinations, flea and worm prevention treatments, pedigree, registration, a sample of their favourite foods, some favourite toys and breeder support to get your kitten all settled in his new home.

Please note that pet kittens do not come with breeding rights and will be spayed or neutered prior to placement. They will have "Not for breeding" documented on their registration paperwork.

Show kittens:

If you wish to show your kitten, please let us know so that we can help to select the most appropriate kitten for this. We know our lines well and should be able to predict how your kitten will mature and whether their type and look should be successful in the show ring. We will also help you to fill out your show entry forms and give you lots of tips to make sure your first show is a big success! Please note however that showing is very competitive and you may have to wait until an exceptional kitten is born if you are wanting to show. We do not allow kittens purchased as pets to be showed unless this has been discussed prior to purchase. This is because the show ring is a very competitive, judgemental place and we only want kittens showed who we think have a good chance of winning.

Retired breeding cats:

We occasionally have retired queens and retired studs available for adoption. Their adoption fee is $1000 - $1500 plus GST depending on the cat. Many of these cats will have been showed and have won titles and awards. This is a great way to adopt a beautiful Siberian with a known allergen level at a fraction of the normal cost. Cats will be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines prior to adoption. If you wish to be notified when we have retired breeding adults or older kittens available for adoption, please add your details to the notification list and you will be contacted when we are looking to retire one of our beauties.

Older kittens:

We occasionally have older kittens available for adoption. These are kittens that we have kept with view to them potentially being a part of our breeding program. We keep back more than we will need as it is very tough determining who will have the best show/breed prospects as an adult when they are only a tiny baby. Once they are around 10- 12 months old we are better able to determine their potential so some of these older kittens will then be made available via the waitlist. These kittens are $1500- $2500 plus GST depending on age, colour, show success etc. If you wish to be notified when we have older kittens available for adoption, please add your details to the notification list and you will be contacted when we have older kittens available.


Our kittens are ready for collection/shipping around 12 weeks of age after they have been spayed/neutered, microchipped and have had two sets of vaccinations. By this stage they are fully weaned, litter box trained and are used to small children and lots of love and handling.

We provide a lot of information in our care guide so hopefully you will feel comfortable about welcoming your new little one home but if your do have further questions, collection time is a great opportunity to ask away!

We fly our kittens with a very experienced pet travel company so you can be assured they are in the very best hands for their journey. The following are quotes are as of May 2021. Flights are more expensive now due to Covid-19 . These may change over time but provide you with a rough estimate of costs. All shipping fees including the cost of an approved pet air shipment container are the responsibility of the new owner and must be paid directly to the shipping company. Price estimates are as follows:

All destinations include new airline approved travel crate which is yours to keep, delivery to Sydney airport by pet travel company and check-in to flight:


  • Melbourne: Roughly $475 with Jetpets

Please note that if we ship your kitten we cannot provide food samples & toys.


We accept bank transfers a few days prior to collection or cash upon collection. We do not have credit card facilities as we don't believe pets should be purchased with credit- pets are a big responsibility and should only be welcomed home when you have the time and the finances to support them fully.

All shipping charges must be paid directly to the shipping company before the kitten is shipped.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support for Snowgum kitten families. If you ever have any questions about your kitten you are welcome to get in touch. We have years of experience and are happy to share it with you.

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