Available Siberian Kittens in Sydney

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Summer 2023/2024 We Have Kittens Available!

We have Kittens Available for reservation now and ready for their new homes in mid-April 2024! Please contact us via email for information about our beautiful boy pictured here. Please also check our Instagram and Facebook. We also have some older videos on YouTube . For the latest pictures and videos and please join our notification list to be contacted when we have kittens available. Please see our Kitten Adoption page for details. We always take a break over Christmas and winter then welcome new babies in the New Year and in Spring.

Our kittens go to their new homes spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and with flea and worm treatments. They leave home with a detailed care guide and diet sheet, a sample of their favourite food, their official vaccination certificate, microchip certificate and council registration paperwork. Your kitten's pedigree is sent to you directly from Cats NSW after you take your kitten home. All kittens are vet checked before they go and are fully weaned, litter trained, health checked and well socialised. Our kittens are registered with Cats NSW.

Please see our Kitten Adoption page before getting in touch with us. This will tell you how to join our notification list. Only genuine inquiries please. Please see our allergies page if you or anyone in your family has allergies.

Please look through our site to see pictures of our previous beautiful Siberian kittens.

Why choose a Snowgum Siberian?

Health & Beautiful Temperaments

Here at Snowgum we have the highest standard for our kittens. The health and happiness of our cats and kittens is our priority. Due to careful breeding and years of experience we are able to produce kittens that have stunning good looks and beautiful, loving temperaments too.

Snowgum Siberian kittens are raised in our family home with our children. They are used to the sounds of a busy family life and will love being a part of your family. You will find that given your love and care, our kittens go on to make loyal, loving pets who seek out your company and want to help you with everything you do!

Our cats eat a high quality diet and are cared for by our expert veterinarians when they have any troubles.

We are careful to try and maintain a disease free cattery. All new cats brought in are tested for FelV and FIV and PKD prior to being introduced to our other cats. They are also monitored or tested for other illnesses like gut problems, parasites and viruses and treated for any issue found prior to joining the others to ensure they don't bring in disease. We are happy to show you the paperwork for the tests performed on the parents of your kitten or their relatives. We keep a "closed cattery" meaning that our cats don't go out to stud and we don't allow females to visit for matings. This is so that we don't introduce these problems later on.

To the best of our knowledge we have never had a case of FIP in our cats or kittens and we attribute this to our hard work ensuring that all of our cats have great gut health and our comprehensive diet advice that we give all of our new owners. Of course FIP is always possible in any kitten or cat and this should be understood before purchasing any kitten.

As no gene has been identified for heart disease in Siberians to date, many of our breeding cats have had their hearts tested by means of an echocardiogram scan with a specialist in veterinary cardiologist and have scanned negative for heart defects and disease prior to their first breeding. While Echocardiograms are a point in time test and do not predict whether they may perhaps fall ill with this disease later in life, it at least provides some reasurance that the breeding cat is healthy prior to producing their first litter. You are welcome to view their test documents prior to purchasing your kitten, please just ask.

We are well read about feline illnesses and keep up to date with advances in research. We are careful to try and maintain a disease free cattery. When we are unfortunate enough to have ill or injured kittens (they are live animals after all and no matter how careful you are, sometimes things just don't go to plan) they do not go to their new homes until recuperated and our vet gives the all clear. We have an excellent vet who is incredibly experienced and is on hand to help whenever we need it.

Quality Bloodlines

Most of our breeding cats are show quality Siberians who have been showed have quickly earned titles and impressed the judges with their lovely temperaments as well as their good looks.

We have TICA Regional Winners, TICA Supreme Grand Champions, FIFe Best In Show and Best of Best winners, and CFA Champions and ACF Grand Champions and Best In Show Winners amongst our breeding cats. Those that have not yet been showed will likely achieve impressive titles too as soon as the are given the opportunity.

Our kittens have amazing pedigrees with lines unique to our cattery within Australia. Many of our founding breeding cats travelled all the way from Russia, the breed's homeland, so you can be assured of a genuine, top quality Siberian when you adopt from Snowgum.

Proven Hypoallergenic Siberians

Many of our original breeding cats have had their saliva tested and proved that they have low FELD1 allergen levels. As we both personally have cat allergies we can advise you from personal experience of allergen levels of those cats we have not tested in the lab.

We have placed many kittens in allergy homes over the years and can advise you on strategies and techniques for ensuring your allergy placement will be a success.

Stunning Show Quality Looks

Due to our careful selection of our studs and queens our kittens all have stunning good looks!

Many of our kittens have had successful show careers. Snowgum cats have won many Best Of Breed awards, Best In Show awards and even Supreme Exhibit awards!

The kittens pictured on this site are from our own breeding. I think you will agree that they are all totally adorable!

Years of International Experience

When you adopt a kitten from Snowgum you are not just buying a kitten but access to our years of international show and breeding experience. We have been breeding since 2008.

We have successfully showed our cats in Russia, extensively throughout the UK and in Australia.

We are friends with a great number of Siberian breeders all around the globe and keep up to date with the latest developments and research on the breed.

We have purchased breeding cats from some of the best and most experienced Siberian breeders in Russia and the UK and have their support and mentorship for our breeding program. We have also sent several of our Siberian kittens back to Russia to be part of breeding programs there. To have our offspring desired for breeding in the breed's homeland gives us a great amount of pride and assurance that we are producing top quality Siberians.

We will provide support and answer any questions you may have to ensure your gorgeous pet settles beautifully into your family home and lifestyle.